Research outcomes

Research outcomes #

Note: All submitted preprints are available on arXiv at

In preperation #

  1. Intersections of graphs and \(\chi \!\!\) -boundedness
    with Rimma Hämäläinen, Hidde Koerts, and Sophie Spirkl.

  2. Local certification of forbidden induced subgraphs
    with Linda Cook, Sepehr Hajebi, and Sophie Spirkl.

  3. Induced subgraphs of graphs of large \(K_{r} \!\!\) -free chromatic number
    with Mathieu Rundström and Sophie Spirkl.

Preprints #

  1. Graphs of bounded chordality
    with Babak Miraftab and Sophie Spirkl.
    submitted, arXiv:2404.05992
  2. The sandwich problem for odd-hole-free and even-hole-free graphs
    with Kathie Cameron, Celina M. H. de Figueiredo, and Sophie Spirkl.
    submitted, arXiv:2404.10888

Published #

  1. Minimal induced subgraphs of the class of 2-connected non-Hamiltonian wheel-free graphs
    with Zishen Qu and Sophie Spirkl.
    Discrete Mathematics 346.3 (2023): 113289 and arXiv:2204.07671

Theses #

Master’s Thesis: Structural and Topological Graph Theory and Well-Quasi-Ordering
Advisor: Dimitrios M. Thilikos